The service uptime for every single shared hosting account is of considerable importance. If you use a web server which has recurrent issues and your website is not online for extended periods of time, it is more likely that website visitors won't come back. In case you have an online store, for instance, it will mean lost potential customers and much less financial gain. Your sites might even get penalized by search engines with lower rankings regardless how good their content is. In order to avoid this kind of scenario, always make certain that the hosting service you get is stable. By doing this, the success of your site will depend only on its content and your marketing campaigns and will not be affected by hosting-related factors that you have got no control of.
Service Uptime Guarantee in Shared Hosting
When you obtain a shared hosting plan through our company, we guarantee that your Internet sites will be up and running at least 99.9% of the time. We have basically eradicated the hosting server downtime by using an innovative cloud hosting platform in which different groups of web servers deal with each part of the overall service - files, databases, email messages, and so forth. In that way, if there is an issue with a web server, the other servers part of the cluster shall simply take over and your internet sites won't be affected in the slightest. To prevent any infrastructure complications, we furthermore have diesel-powered backup generators and several independent Internet providers. Knowledgeable administrators keep track of the web servers 24/7 to tackle any software problems that may appear while software and hardware firewalls will prevent DDoS attacks against the servers.
Service Uptime Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Servers
If you acquire a semi-dedicated server package through our company, you are going to enjoy a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Your account is going to be set up on a modern cloud web hosting platform with a load-balancing system that virtually eliminates any downtime. The files, email messages, stats and databases are all managed by their own groups of servers, so even if there is an issue one machine, your internet sites aren't going to be affected in the slightest. This enables us to provide a much more stable web hosting service as compared with companies that run everything on a single web server where a problem with a single service can take the entire server down. To prevent infrastructure problems, our data centers employ a number of Internet providers and powerful diesel generators, so no matter what happens, the web servers will keep working with no disturbances and your sites will remain operational. Any software issues are going to be handled straight away by our experienced team of admins which keep an eye on all servers 24/7.
Service Uptime Guarantee in VPS Servers
Using a VPS server from our company, you will never need to worry about the uptime and / or accessibility of your account. Our state-of-the-art data centers have various power supplies, diesel generators and a number of different Internet providers so as to ensure that the hosting servers can be reached in case there is any infrastructural dysfunction. In addition, we make sure that the physical hosting server where your virtual one will be set up is going to be working a minimum of 99.9% of the time and a team of qualified administrators that keep an eye on all of the servers 24/7/365 will make sure that we keep our promise. All web servers employ new, thoroughly tested parts to prevent hardware troubles and the hard disk drives work in RAID. We have hardware and software firewalls to stop DoS attacks against the servers.
Service Uptime Guarantee in Dedicated Servers
While we are unable to control what you do with your dedicated server, the types of offline software or script-driven applications you install on it or how often you restart it, we can guarantee that it’s accessible at least 99.9% of the time. Your hosting server will be positioned in our state-of-the-art facility in downtown Chicago and its uptime and accessibility is going to be guaranteed by powerful diesel backup generators and a number of Internet providers, so no outages or any other infrastructural problems will affect the proper work of your websites at any time. Our skilled group of system admins will make sure that if your server freezes for some reason, it'll be rebooted quickly. To prevent any possibility of malfunctions, we'll give you a web server with new and thoroughly tested hardware components to ensure that your Internet sites will be functioning no matter what.